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Where You Focus is Where You’ll Go…

It’s been said that where you put your attention to, is where you go. It seems that according to what most are thinking about, “where” might be wonderful vacations, but not necessarily a great retirement.

In fact, *studies show that just 12 hours compared to 576 hours is how much time retirement planning gets compared to vacation planning! As insurers, we help offset that ratio by making sure that whole life insurance planning is not being overlooked as a savvy retirement solution.

Especially because many don’t think of life insurance as part of their overall financial planning, it is helpful to spend time with your insurance agent to think about life insurance as a retirement tool. Ready to spend a bit more time daydreaming about your retirement becoming a reality vs your next short-team vacation?

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In the meantime, earn how whole life insurance can be used to shelter assets from taxes, be borrowed against in retirement, and more HERE.